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Spanish: Face to Face and Online classes!

From February we are back with face to face and online Spanish classes in Santiago and Valparaíso, but we continue with Online Classes as well!

Inglés: Clases presenciales y Online

Desde Febrero volvemos con clases presenciales de inglés solamente en Santiago y además continuamos con nuestras clases de inglés en línea.
Natalislang Terms & Conditions

Natalislang terms & conditions


The payment must be completed on the first day of class.

The learning materials corresponding to the student’s current level will be given after payment. In the case of loss, theft or extra requirements, all the Natalislang materials can be purchased at the school administration.

After course confirmation, the administration personnel will contact the student one week before his/her arrival.

The student cannot continue with the program if he/she has not paid the total program cost by the second day of class.

The payment of differences between one course to another is not allowed (e.g. if you pay for 2 weeks and want two more weeks, you have to pay the price corresponding to the 2 week program and not the difference to a 4 week program).

Lessons on weekends have a 5% extra fee.

By rule, a refund would not be given if you withdraw. If for whatever reason a student needs to freeze his/her sessions, the course fee may be credited towards a future course for up to six months from the last lesson taken, after which the fee is no longer valid. You are allowed to transfer your sessions to a friend or student.


- Cash (only Chilean Pesos)

- We accept direct transfers of Chilean Banks or payment through Paypal Xoom.


1) The students must be able to plan/calculate the time and date to fulfill the course without any interruptions.

2) The group programs require a minimum of two students to start the program. Otherwise, the students have the following options:


- To receive leveling private instruction reducing the group sessions bought to half (no more than one week).

- To enter a group of a lower level.

- To take private lessons (after 15:00).

3) The teachers are assigned by the school and they might change during the program.


All changes must be arranged with the administration personnel.

Any other arrangements outside this regular conduct will not be valid.

1) In case of class/program rearrangement:

- 5 working days notice required (Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 20:00 h).

- After one week of program (minimum).

- Any change will become effective the following Monday.

2) In the case that the student misses his/her class due to external reasons (illness, paperwork, travel, etc.) there will not be any reimbursement since it is not Natalislang’s responsibility (see point 1, “Program Start” section).

3) If the student needs to interrupt or cancel his/her program, he/she is allowed to sell or transfer the rest of his/her session to others. The second participant will have to pay a reincorporation fee of $20.000 pesos.


1) Natalislang reserves the right to cancel or interrupt a program in the case that the student:

- Does not follow the school policy.

- Breaks the basic ground rules such as inappropriate behavior, fights, insults and damage to school property.

2) Natalislang reserves the right to cancel a student’s program (without reimbursement) and turn to the law in case of reproduction, falsification or unauthorized use of the study material elaborated by the school.


The school closes on holidays. The sessions will be recovered with extra lessons during the program. The days will be arrange among students and their teacher. Recovery lessons schedule: 12:30 to 14:00.


- Traditional courses          :          9:00 to 12:15
- Afternoon courses : 15:00 to 17:30

* Private, D.E.L.E. training and Technical Spanish programs (business, advertisement, etc.) with more than 90 sessions: morning schedule (from 9:00) available with teachers changing week after week.

G. METHOD AND PROGRAMS (group courses and training for international exams)

The school, in its 20 years of experience, has formulated its own method and has the necessary means to develop study programs according to the level and capacity of each of our students. The teachers are in continuous training to successfully meet all the market demands.

1) When signing this document, the student understands that Natalislang will provide a good quality education. Therefore, he/she will respect the study program given by the teacher.

2) Natalislang will always come to an agreement between the school requirements and the students personal requests. However, the study programs cannot be fully modified in order to protect the school reputation and assure the class quality.

3) In case of learning disorders, the student must let this situation be known to the school administration before starting the course. Situations like these demand special study programs.


1) If the student has any complaint or suggestion, he/she must speak directly with the administration personnel or send an e-mail to

2) The “Complaints and Suggestions” book is available at the school entrance.

3) All complaints will be analyzed along with the interested parties to give a fast and efficient solution.

When signing up for a Natalislang program, the student will be informed about the start and finishing date (written on the receipt and the application form), and the holidays that will arise during his/her program. If the student accepts, he/she must sign the document “Natalislang Terms & Conditions”, demanding a stamped copy to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Natalislang reserves the right to make exceptions over these policies to regular students only.

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