Spanish Courses in Santiago & Valparaiso, Chile: Introducing our staff

Spanish: Face to Face and Online classes!

From February we are back with face to face and online Spanish classes in Santiago and Valparaíso, but we continue with Online Classes as well!

Inglés: Clases presenciales y Online

Desde Febrero volvemos con clases presenciales de inglés solamente en Santiago y además continuamos con nuestras clases de inglés en línea.
Natalislang International Language Centre, Spanish on-line classes, Santiago, Chile
About us and our teachers

Natalislang Language School was established in 1987 in the town of Puerto Natales, named after the Natalis River that runs through it. Now, the school's head office is conveniently located in the centre of Santiago: see How to find us.

Natalislang staff teachers are remarkable professionals who are either university graduates or have a degree in Linguistic, Literature, Language Teaching or other related studies in different languages. Therefore, they are highly trained in grammar and language teaching and, of course, they are enthusiastic and eager to teach English, and Spanish.

The school is directed by Mirtha Condesa, who has over 20 years teaching experience.


En Santiago

Mirtha Condesa A.
Profesora de inglés
Universidad Técnica del Estado
Directora de Natalislang International Language Centre


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