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For your convenience and well-being we are, for the moment, limiting our classes to Online Classes only!

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Para su comodidad y bienestar, por el momento, estamos limitando nuestras clases a ¡Clases en línea solamente!  Online classes, Clases en linea  
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Spanish Courses in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile

Spanish Courses Santiago, Chile

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Videos can be used with powerful effect to stimulate and encourage learners
Interesting and informative topics for the students.
They are exposed to a wide variety of language input.
Cassettes and accompanying texts provide for authentic reading and listening material.

The exercises can be done
independently in class or as homework.
Games offer an enjoyable way
for learners to develop language skills.

Newspaper, magazine articles and accompanying tasks provide for authentic up to date exercises.


Reading is the language skill easiest to keep up as well as being an enjoyable activity.

Within the 100 hours of lesson time, you will progress from a Basic level, to an Advanced level. Each of the three levels, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced taking approximately 30 hours.

Each level will be divided into four sections covering grammar, conversation, vocabulary and some essential survival skills!
Throughout the course students are taught using a unique technique of color coordinated flashcards which allow conversation and memory to be stimulated from the very first five minutes!

Español Fácil Nivel 1 (1st level) & Español Fácil Nivel 1 Written Excercises.

Studying from this first book you will cover basic forms of grammar, including the present, present continuous, and present perfect tenses. In this level you will also learn the “going to” future, basic idiomatic expressions and useful verb combinations.

A large part of this level is also concerned with basic conversation and oral practice.

Español Fácil Nivel 2 (2nd Level)

At this level you will begin to move onto harder grammar concepts such as the past simple, past imperfect, and past perfect tenses. In addition we teach you how to begin using the future, and the conditional tenses.

Again conversation and listening exercises, both written and oral are an important part of this level.

Español Fácil Nivel 3 (3rd Level )

Finally at the 3rd level we will spend time on reviewing all that has gone before and putting into speaking, and written practice everything you have already learnt. You will also learn the subjunctive tense.

Libro Avanzado. Compendio de Lecturas (4th Level)

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