Spanish Courses in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile

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Spanish Courses in Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile

Natalis Language Centre, Spanish language school in Santiago, Chile offers personalized, group lessons , and D.E.L.E training

Our students are taught according to their level and requirements. We have courses at all levels and all our teachers are native Spanish speakers with a university degree and experience teaching. Most have learned a second language themselves and understand the student’s perspective.

Our special methodology “ Spanish at first glance” allows the student to see improvement from the very beginning. It is amazing to see how beginners start to use the language within the first two hours. We work 4 or 5 sessions per day and the courses last from one up to five weeks.

All our programs include free assessment workshops.
With our methodology “ Spanish at first glance” students do not realize they are learning grammar. Speaking is our main goal.

Una ventana a otros mundos. ¿No crees que es hora de abrirla?

     Ven a aprender inglés con nosotros y trae a un amigo

2 estudiantes  X el precio de 1

    30 sesiones de 45 minutos c/u a $300.000
(oferta válida sólo en Santiago) 

Spanish Courses

The school, in its 20 years of experience, has formulated its own method, “Approach at first glance”, that allows students to practice the language from day one and has the necessary means to develop study programs according to the level and capacity of each of our students.

Our teachers are in continuous training to successfully meet all the market demands.

Cursos de Inglés

Los cursos grupales y privados de Natalislang dan énfasis al aspecto oral del idioma. Con nuestra metodología “Approach at first glance” los estudiantes comienzan a utilizar el idioma durante los primeros 30 minutos de clases.

La gramática se va desarrollando de manera espontánea y natural.

Location: Santiago

Since the beginning of Spanish colonization, Santiago emerged as an alternative way of life for many adventurers looking for fame and fortune in the New World.

Dissapointed with the lack of mineral, the adventurers led by Don Pedro de Valdivia took advantage of the ideal conditions of this soil for agriculture. More.....

Location: Valparaiso

As it became the most important harbor in the Southern Hemisphere, Valparaiso reached the top of its development in the nineteenth century.

This city became an attractive destination for European and American immigrants, due to its natural and architectonical beauty, and the efforts of its inhabitants. Nevertheless

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